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Fact sheets

Fact-sheets are being prepared on the more widely available big perennial blue poppies for use by garden centres, nurseries, gardens open to the public, or for personal use.

They are available here in pdf format. The following fact-sheets are currently available:

  1. M. 'Lingholm'                                               FS01_Lingholm.pdf

  2. M. 'Crewdson Hybrid' and M. 'Mrs Jebb'    FS02_CrewdsonJebb.pdf

  3. M. 'Barney's Blue' and M. 'Jimmy Bayne'  FS03_JBayneBarneyB.pdf

  4. M. 'Slieve Donard' and M. 'Bryan Conway'
    with a note on M. 'Bobby Masterton'           FS04_SDonardBConway.pdf