M. 'Crewdson Hybrid'

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(Plant portraits is under development but is complete for many cultivars.)

1. Big perennial blue poppy species and hybrids in cultivation
    General supplementary pages:
                  General description of big perennial blue poppies
                  Name phrase qualifications
                  Identifying and naming
                  Classification and Groups
                                      (There is some overlap in the two above pages.)
                  Perennial Meconopsis
                  Monocarpic Meconopsis
                  Table of approved names of big perennial blue poppies
                  Table of species
                  Longevity of M. 'Lingholm' & M. baileyi
                  Colour range within genus

Species in cultivation
     Supplementary pages:
M. baileyi (M. betonicifolia of hort.)
               M. grandis Background & History
               M. grandis Description
(We intend to add pages on M. simplicifolia and on the various "other" forms of M. grandis in cultivation.)

George Sherriff Group
(MM. 'Jimmy Bayne', 'Huntfield', 'Ascreavie', 'Barney's Blue',
          'Dalemain', 'Dorothy Renton'.)
      Supplementary pages:
Background and history
               Descriptions of named cultivars
               Developing foliage and fruit capsules
               Notes on the origins of the cultivars
               Additional pictures of flowers

Infertile Blue Group
      Supplementary pages:
M. x sheldonii
                MM. 'Slieve Donard', 'Bobby Masterton', 'Bryan Conway'
                 MM. 'Crewdson Hybrid' & 'Mrs Jebb'
                 M. 'Crarae'
                 M. 'Maggie Sharp'
                 M. 'P.C. Abildgaard' 


Fertile Blue Group
      Supplementary pages:
Naming within the Fertile Blue Group
                Description of M. 'Lingholm'
                History of M. 'Lingholm'
                Genetics of M. 'Lingholm'
                Other cultivars in the Group   MM. 'Louise', 'Mop-head', 'Harry Bush',

M. 'Bryan Conway'
Infertile Blue Group

Cultivars not assigned to a Group
       MM. 'Keillour', 'Willie Duncan', 'Marit', 'Mervyn Kessell',
               'Evelyn', 'Inverewe'
      (We intend to add pages on these later)


2. Species in the wild
General supplementary pages:
GeorgeTaylor's classification of Meconopsis species
                                       and notes on the  Subgenus Discogyne
             Contributors of Photographs Taken in the Wild


Species pages (only for those completed)
N.B. These are full pages.
        baileyi (betonicifolia of hort.)
& pinnatifolia

M. 'Inverewe'
Not assigned to a Group

M. 'Willie Duncan'
Not assigned to a Group

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