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Species Portraits

With reference to 2. above, to help in building up an informative pictorial library, we would be pleased to receive offers from readers of photographs of species growing in the wild, to be considered for addition to the site. As yet, we still do not have any photographs of many of the species. If you are able to help in this way, please contact us at plantmatters@meconopsis.org.

2. Species in the wild

This sub-section is largely concerned with the species of Meconopsis as they grow in the wild. There are in the order of 50 plus
species of Meconopsis, many of which are not in cultivation. Below is a list of known species arranged alphabetically, but another
way to organise them is in a classification that seeks to reflect evolutionary relationships. The classification that is currently still in
use is that of George Taylor's of 1934. See supplementary page, Classification of Meconopsis species.

The genus is clearly in a state of active evolution and the boundaries between species in certain groups of closely related taxa are not easy to determine. The complex taxonomy is being researched by Dr Chris Grey-Wilson for a new monograph on the genus. As he publishes articles with revisions of various groups of plants, ahead of the full monograph, these revisions are being followed in this site (see relevant references). Three quarters of a century of further exploration and research in the wild since Taylor's time, is, needless to say, resulting in these revisions and additions to his classic work, but, for the present, it is still a very useful working frame-work.

Classification of the Genus Meconopsis Oct 2014 by Chris Grey-Wilson

A special thanks must go to Chris Grey-Wilson as he has very kindly let The Meconopsis Group re-produce his classification list on our website

For further background information on the new classification please read the notes from the October 2014 meeting: Report of meeting and New Classification

The two hybrids M. sarsonsii and M. beamishii Will be dealt with later.

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